Less Trash Tuesday: Shop at Target? Save Money with This Simple Hack

“These days, we tend to receive less junk snail mail then before, though our inboxes my be loaded with it.  However, every now and then, I still receive credit card offer and other direct marketing mailers. Before you recycle your “junk” snail mail….


What if people REALLY are SO lazy that they cannot be “inconvenienced” to do something to help THEIR environment? What if people think it’s truly THAT difficult to institute small changes in their daily behaviors in order to make a BIG difference?

This is what inspired us to start writing “Less Trash Tuesday.”

Each Tuesday, someone from the World Is Your Dumpster movement will share a new, simple life hack they use to create less waste and leave the earth a better place than when they found it.

I’ve been a long time Target shopper, as well as environmentalist, so I was very pleased when my local Target started offering a plastic bag recycling center in 2013. Now, Target has gone one step further in helping the environment and creating less waste: giving customers $.05 back for every reusable bag they bring. This truly isn’t a large sum of money, but I find it refreshing for a company as large as Target Corp. to reward their customers for helping clean up our environment.

So, bring your reusable bags to shop at Target and get some money back!

Remember, a small action can have a BIG impact.

Do you have a great idea of how to reduce, reuse, recycle and create less trash?
Submit it to The World Is Your Dumpster and help us create a less wasteful world.

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