March 3, 2016


It all began when my partner and I were taking a hike at a nearby mountain, close to our home in NYC. On the ascent, we came across countless items of trash left behind by other “hikers” and by the time we got to the top, we had enough. What started with one recyclable bottle, later turned into 4 overflowing bags of trash. That’s right, in the short, hour long descent, my partner and I more than filled 4 medium sized trashed bags with litter that was left along the trail (literally, no more than 10 feet from the marked trail), despite garbage cans being located at the top and bottom
of the trail.
Do you want to know what the worst part was?
Nearly 90% of the trash were RECYCLABLES!!

As we were leaving, we made a stop at the administrator’s office to voice our concern. Unfortunately, they weren’t surprised, but did thank us for picking up. As a natural problem solver, I suggested that while guests are paying for parking, they gently remind them to ‘Pack it in and Pack it out.’ I was not pleased with their response,
as they commented that asking the workers to utter this
short sentence would be too much work for them.

Perturbed, we left, but knew that we could do more.
The World Is Your Dumpster was born.

The World Is Your Dumpster:
“Calling People Out to Make a Difference,
One Photograph at a Time”


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